SEO help

SEO help

Automatic backlinks - A lot of what search engines look for is also obvious to a human reader. Things like good content and links are major features of a site that Google would consider, but they also add value and improve the experience of users. However, there are also elements of a website that Google looks at for organic SEO which might not be obvious to users, or might not be observed at all.

Optimized Title Tag

Virtually every piece of text on a page is considered as part of its rankings and structure. One of these pieces is the title tag. In essence, the title is what shows up at the very top of a page, in the actual tab or bar of the browser - not on the page itself. However, it shows up in the code, and so it's read by Google as part of their ranking process. Ensuring that it is optimized is a simple way to increase search engine value without changing the user experience in a substantial way. It's easy to make these quite keyword rich without changing what your visitors see, so they're usually among the first changes to be made when a site decides to get SEO help.

Appropriate Meta Description

This is a little bit more important for users than a title tag. These actually can drive people to click on a site because they're what Google uses to help describe a search result. When you look something up and see a block of text beneath the result, that is usually the meta description.

Including keywords is obviously important - the search engine will often put them in bold if they're particularly relevant or exact matches for the query. However, stuffing these full of relevant words without making them appealing to read is counterproductive. The aim should be to explain what you offer, incorporating those key phrases when you can.

Meta Keywords

These are purely internal and almost exclusively for search engine value. They don't even need to be written as a sentence. They're part of the code designed to clue the crawler in to what you're all about. You can pick from a pretty broad list, and in fact having it a bit broad may be helpful as Google tends to consider more relationships between words as part of its rankings.

What They Do

None of these elements are features that your visitors will spend a lot of time considering. In the case of meta keywords, they're nearly invisible to users, and the title tag is almost that way. Your description is seen only through the filter of a search. However, the engines aren't blind to the keywords and relevance that can be established in these. You're rarely going to see changes of this nature propel a page to success in the absence of good, valuable content. But you can see a definite boost to a website that has the content if it also has SEO help from these hidden, overlooked, but crucial elements of optimization.


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